The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men . . .

After all these years, I finally have my own website, and furthermore, with a blog.

In some ways, I find it amusing–ironic, even, that I’ve never really had a website.  I’m not a great web designer, but I know enough about code that I’ve served as the webmaster for a site or two. People even consider me enough of a nerd that it surprises them when I don’t have one.

Also, each time I’ve considered creating one before, I’ve run into some . . . issues setting it up.  When I say “issues,” I’m referring to obsessive-compulsive tendencies to have it all done correctly.  😉  I thought about starting a blog through Blogspot or something else . . . but I didn’t want to have some company’s URL in it.  I thought about using a site I frequented (like CG Society‘s blogs), but I had the same reservations.

Okay, so buy my own domain name . . . but I also ran into problems with that.  All the various Jason Scott websites were already taken, and I didn’t want to come up with some cute (or not-so-cute) domain.

So, the time came–once I was on my way to getting married, I figured it was time to buy one.  But that also took great mental exertion.  Finally, Laura and I settled on . . .

. . . and then it took me more than half a year to get the two of us set up on it.  Again, I wanted everything right.

But now, with this beautifully-rainy/cloudy St. Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend, we are finally set up.

Last quick note:  I have a very high number of internal ramblings going on inside my head at any given time, so I will be sharing them here, along with other thoughts on the topics highlighted above.  But–many of them will involve a plethora of my friends and family . . . so keep an eye out for your own name.  You’ve been warned.

P.S.  Steinbeck had it right, didn’t he?

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