Baby Scott Is Coming!!

Today at my 7:50 am doctor’s appointment, I was told that I get to be induced at 12 am on August 10, 2012!!!  I am four days late and apparently Baby Scott still seems to have no interest in coming out.  He is still very active, since I have plenty of amniotic fluid, and his heart beat is excellent!  All of those signs are reassuring.  I do have mild contractions but they are ever so slight.   The doctor said that I am only 2.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced, so I still have a ways to go.  I am hoping that the Pitocin will help jump start the process and that the delivery will be smooth.

After my appointment I went to the grocery store to pick up some last minute items.  It felt kind of weird thinking…I am going to be in labor very soon.  I think it will feel even more weird when Jason and I are driving to the hospital tonight at 11 pm and I am not in pain.

I am excited to be a mom with Jason and to have this new little one in our lives.  I hear that my life is going to change dramatically which is kind of weird and a little scary to think, but I am feel ready and I am excited for it!!

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August 5th Came and Went

Well, baby Scott’s due date was yesterday and there was no sign of him wanting to come out.  Today is August 6th and I still have a feeling that he doesn’t want to come out today on his own.  Not sure why he doesn’t want to come out and play but for some reason he must find my tummy quite comfortable.

This past weekend I decided to increase my mileage and walk 3 miles with Jason on Saturday and 4 miles on Sunday.  3 and 4 miles walks take me much longer these days than they they normally do.   I thought that my shorter 30 minute walks everyday before this past weekend would help push him out but they didn’t.  The old wives tales of walking, taking warm showers, eating spicy foods, etc are not effective in getting my baby out.

I was feeling a bit down yesterday morning as I laid in bed knowing, that August 5th was not going to be baby Scott’s grand entrance.  I know that it’s not the end of the world that he didn’t come out yesterday but it’s hard when I am feeling so uncomfortable yet at the same time so excited to meet him.

I stopped working about 5 weeks ago, hoping that baby Scott would come before then.  Although I did stay fairly busy, I do miss my clients, and I do miss feeling busier.  I definitely tried to take advantage of enjoying the slower pace of life by reading, cleaning, seeing friends and family, and napping.  And, although it has been fun, I am ready for life to pick up again.

Today I have a doctor’s appointment and I am hopeful for some good news…whether that I am more dilated and baby Scott will come on his own very very soon or that the doctor wants to schedule an induction date sooner than this coming weekend.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Waiting for Baby Scott’s Arrival

Jason and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby boy any time now.  His due date is Sunday, August 5th, although we hope for an earlier arrival, or maybe that’s just me ;).

As of this moment, there is not much more we feel we can prepare for right now.   We have taken all of the baby preparation classes we wanted to take, set up and decorated the baby room,  washed all baby clothes, have our hospital bags packed, directions to the hospital and where to drop me off, a written check off list of questions/requests to ask at the hospital, car seat has been inspected and approved by the police department,  baby announcements ready, and our first week dinner menu is prepared.  I am sure we will learn later that we are forgetting something to do, but for now we feel ready!

Now…if you ask us if we know all of the in’s and out’s of how to be a great Mom and Dad, I think we wouldn’t sound as prepared as we previously did above.  I know that this area is way more important than what we have done above for his “before” grand entrance.  A lot of prayer, team work, forgiveness towards ourselves and each other, humility, asking questions, accepting help, and allowing ourselves to make mistakes will definitely be a “must” for us to learn how to be good parents.

My desire for us is to be flexible when it comes to taking care of our son.  I hope that we don’t ever become anxious parents afraid to let our child explore the world outside of our home.  We both desire for our son to be adaptable to different environments and people so that we can continue to live life and not feel constricted to only being in certain environments because of him.  Jason and I both like to do our best at anything we put our minds to, but I hope that we allow ourselves complete grace to make mistakes since I hear that being new parents requires a high learning curve.  I also pray that we learn how to love our baby boy the way he needs to be loved and that we don’t compare him or our parenting style to others.

These are just a few of the things that have come to mind as I begin to process and prepare to become a new mom.




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Kitchen Island

On my birthday this year, my Dad and I began to work on a new kitchen island for Jason and my home.  I would love to say that I did a lot of the work but to be truthful, my dad pretty much made it all by himself.  I helped cut and sand down just a little bit of the wood and he did the rest.  Jason chose the green and I chose the color of the wood stain and casters.  I am super excited to use it and just love what my dad made for us!

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A Perfect Match for Jason and Me

This describes our two loves joined together perfectly (StarWars and doggie cuteness).  This must have been for us!

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Dad…I’m Watching You

This video was something I heard about on the radio today while driving.  When I got home I went on YouTube to see what the DJ was talking about.  It is such a great video!!  It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of how thankful  I am for my father.  I love you Dad!  Thank you for being a wonderful role model for my brother and me.

I\’m Watching You Dad

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Running Feels So Good

Running is one of my favorite things to do.  I  enjoy running while listening to music that fits my current mood.

Reasons Why I Like to Run:

I like to run because I like the outdoors.  I like the feel of the breeze against my face while listening to music on my ipod.

I like to run when I feel like I’ve been inside for too long.    I get restless easily,  just ask Jason :).

I like to run because it just makes me feel so good.  Those released endorphins during a run are pretty amazing :).

I like to run when I feel sad or stressed.  I use this time to listen to encouraging music that helps me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually get back on track with a healthier outlook on life.

I like to run when I want to feel strong and tough.  These days are for Pink, Linkin Park, and Avril Lavigne.

Running is one of the activities I like to do that makes me feel most alive.  It  honestly helps make me stronger mentally because there are days when I run and want to stop because of the discomfort I may feel physically or just because I feel lazy.  Those are the days I have to mentally tell myself “Laura, you can do it,  keep going, don’t give up!”  This mentality  has definitely helped me in school and at work.

I remember earning my best grades in school and being able to tackle more projects at work when I trained for a marathon.  Since I ran almost everyday during my marathon training season, it helped me stay focused and disciplined with my time.  Whenever I felt like giving up, I would tell myself, “Laura, you just ran 9 miles today…you can easily crank out 5 more pages of a homework assignment or call 10 more students at work.”

I would love to say that I will be training for another marathon again soon, but my knees are saying something different :(.  So, I’d rather run shorter distances to save my knees  so that I don’t have to give up my love for running all together.


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Biking to Huntington Beach

Today, Jason and I embarked on a new adventure; riding to the beach from our home in Cypress.  We recently bought new bikes because we thought it would be fun to ride to local restaurants that we enjoy instead of driving.  A week ago we rode our first time to Baja Fresh, about 3 miles round trip.  Since we found that ride to be easy we decided to step it up a notch and ride from home to Huntington Beach, which was only a “measly” 30 miles round trip.  Our goal was to ride to the  Huntington Beach pier where a restaurant called Duke’s was located.  They have these amazing barefoot bar nachos and drinks that I used to always enjoy sharing with Praise Goh.  So it’s was  fun to go in memory of her, with Jason.

The ride to the beach definitely gave our bodies a workout and we were definitely ready for our nachos when we arrived.  After eating some yumminess,  we decided to walk around the beach for a little while and watch the waves.  The day was beautiful!  After spending some time at the beach we decided it was time to head back home.

Now, the ride back home was much more work than we had hoped and breaks were needed more.

When we arrived home, we were so happy, even with farmer tans, sore butts, and chapped lips.

Jason and I are pretty excited about what we accomplished today and hopefully we will decide what our next bike excursion will be soon.


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Couple’s Trivia

Jason and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary this coming June 28, 2011 and I found our Couple’s Trivia game we had our guests play at our wedding.


How did Laura and Jason meet?

A) Through mutual friends

B) Through their parents

C) Community service project through school

D) Church

Answer: B

2) Where did Jason tell Laura he likes her?

A) In his car while driving back to her parents’ house after being at Disneyland and California Adventure

B) Hiking in the hills near a golf course in Corona, CA, after being chased by a coyote

C) At the reception of Jason’s friend’s wedding after being asked for the fourth time if they were dating

D) Sitting in the middle of the road on a median eating ice cream near Cold Stone Creamery after watching the movie Cars

Answer: D

3. What crazy activity do Jason and Laura want to do together?

A) Go on an African safari

B) Skydive

C) Bungee jump

D) Swim with killer sharks

Answer: B

4. What unique interest do Laura and Jason both share?

A) Star Wars

B) Feeding the homeless

C) Working with college students

D) Dogs

Answer: C

5. Where will Laura and Jason be taking their honeymoon?

A) Maui

B) Germany – where Jason lived during his high school years

C) Texas – where Laura was born

D) San Francisco

Answer: D

6. What song brings Laura fond memories of her Dad?

A) “Billie Jean” by Micheal Jackson

B) “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg

C) “ABC” by The Jackson 5

D) “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

Answer: A

7. Name three films Jason has received a credit on?

A) The Chronicles of Narnia, Bee Movie, The Incredible Hulk

B) Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Riddick, Over the Hedge

C) Shrek The Third, The Incredible Hulk, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

D) The Golden Compass, Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean

Answer: C

8. How many marathons and half marathons has Laura run?

A) 2 marathons, 2 half marathons

B) 1 marathon, 0 half marathons

C) 3 marathons, 1 half marathon

D) 1 marathon, 3 half marathons

Answer: A

9. What movie does Jason often quote from?

A) When Harry Met Sally

B) High Fidelity

C) Star Wars: Episodes I, II, and III

D) Garden State

Answer: B

10. What character did Laura play in her high school’s play “The Wizard of Oz”?

A) Dorothy Gale

B) Glinda the Good Witch of the North

C) Mayor of the Munchkin City

D) The Cowardly Lion

Answer: C

11. How did Jason’s and Laura’s moms meet?

A) Through a college friend

B) Small group at church

C) They were college roommates

D) Class

Answer: A

How many states and countries did Jason live in before he went to college?

A) 7

B) 8

C) 11

D) 4

Answer: B

13. What television series do Jason and Laura enjoy watching together?

A) Scrubs

B) Grey’s Anatomy

C) House M.D.


Answer: C

14. What country have Laura and Jason wanted to both visit for a long time?

A) South Africa

B) Poland

C) Scotland

D) Portugal

Answer: C

15. What quality did Jason find attractive in Laura from the beginning?

A) Independence and strength

B) Competitive spirit

C) Work ethic

D) Sense of Humor

Answer: A

16. What quality did Laura find attractive in Jason from the beginning?

A) His sensitivity toward others

B) Work ethic

C) Love for USC

D) Determination

Answer: A

17. How long did Jason know he wanted to go to USC?

A) 5 years

B) Decided the week before school begin

C) Immediately after he took his first tour to UCLA

D) Junior year in high school

Answer: D

18. Where did Jason first tell Laura he loved her?

A) Sitting next to one of the “O’s” in the Hollywood sign

B) On the top of Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland when they stopped it for emergencies

C) In the parking lot of Tri-City park near Laura’s parents’ home

D) Sitting on the couch in Jason’s apartment

Answer: C

19. What restaurant does Laura and Jason have their deep talks?

A) Mimi’s Cafe

B) Chik-fil-A

C) Panera Bread

D) House of Pies

Answer: B

20. What was Laura and Jason’s first date?

A) Going to see Mission: Impossible III and then to Claim Jumper for dessert

B) Going to the House of Blues with friends

C) Disneyland by themselves

D) Shakespeare in the Park

Answer: C

Bonus Question:

What anniversary year will Jason’s parents and Laura’s parents be celebrating this August?

A) 30 years

B) 35 years

C) 40 years

D) 32 years

Answer: B


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